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Special Needs Cat Needs a Special Loving Home

UPDATE: 4/8/2003 - Alison has been adopted!

Alison was rescued from an apartment complex in Clifton on a freezing cold night She had a broken leg that never healed properly and was in a great deal of pain.

Even though the vets tried to save her leg, in the end, it had to be amputated. BUT, Alison doesn’t seem to notice!

She is an unbelievably sweet and affectionate kitten ~ she is a total lap cat!
Having only 3 legs has not stopped her from being very playful and active!
She loves to play with toys and knows how to use her litter box properly!

She likes other cats, and tolerates dogs too! Other than missing a leg, Alison has no other health problems and would make a wonderful addition in a caring home!

If you are interested in adopting Alison or any of our cats or kittens, please fill out the O.A.R. Adoption Questionnaire.

Allison loves to play!

Other Special Needs Cats At O.A.R.

Here are some more cats at O.A.R. that need a special home. These cats are also special needs cats like Alison. Since they have some problems, it is very hard to find them a home. If you have the patience and the heart, they will pay you back a million times with love and entertainment!

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