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The Cat Nation - Cleveland, OH-based TNVR Program

I have started my own TNVR program in Cleveland and have been doing this on a limited basis since 1996. Cleveland has no program for TNVR. That is why I reach out to anyone I see in the Ohio area who may be involved in this type of work.

My home is maxed out with cats in various stages of socialization, so my only other solution is TNVR that I have founded with my own money. The last two years I have really put a push on to TNVR as many cats as I can. Kittens are removed from the colony and any cat that appears tame is removed (this is how I got maxed out) .

Humane groups in Cleveland are mainly against programs like this so I meet with a lot of resistence and I am not welcome at adoption sites.

If you live in or near the Cleveland, OH area and are involved in TNR programs or with feral cat rescue of any type, please contact me, it is time we become united in our efforts for The Cat Nation.

Thank you,


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